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Avg Free License Agreement

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As a licensee, you must ensure that no unauthorized access to the Product Key provided to you to activate the software (hereafter referred to as “Product Key”). In particular, any publication of the product key is prohibited. Although free antivirus products are absolutely free to use, there is a crochet most of the time, where you will most likely find some features that offer additional protection disabled. Otherwise, the word “free” does not necessarily mean without restrictions or restrictions. If you read the long and boring end-user license agreement (CLUE) that appears during installation, which most of us ignore and blindly click on the “Accept” button to continue the installation, it contains very important information where you can install and use your free antivirus software. Most of the time, a free anti-virus program is only for non-commercial domestic use, while academic institutions, businesses, businesses, businesses or public authorities are prohibited. You or your company may be subject to heavy fines if it is determined that you are violating the licensing agreement. As a licensee, you must take appropriate steps to ensure that the number of users of the software on multiple PCs in an organization does not exceed the number of licenses contained in the volume license. If you provided details about your organization when you purchased the volume licensing software, you confirm that these details are correct and that the software is being used for the first time in this organization. 8.3. If a subscription period depends on the payment of a tax or tax, and the seller has not received the payment until the 15th day following the payment due date, you assume that you have abandoned your license to use the solution and the license will be immediately terminated by you or the seller without further action. Immunet no longer mentions free use in commercial environments. Consider updating this topic, please.

one. Licensing. AVG Technologies grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the applicable life, under the terms of this Agreement, to use the Software only in an executable form or in the form of an object code, and only for authorized purposes under applicable conditions. Without limitation of the above, (i) if you received the software in combination with a PC, network application or other hardware product, your license gives you the right to use the software only in combination with the corresponding hardware unit; and (ii) if you received the Software in combination with services or other software, your license allows you to use the Software exclusively in relation to the unit or the corresponding services.

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