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Traduire Secondment Agreement

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Herabsetzung der Ticketklasse: Downgrade Steuerfreibetrag auf das Arbeitseinkommen: tax reduction abounding (from the employer): employer es additional contribution to a wage savings scheme, employee shareholding program, lack of a matching offer for personal convenience, family: absenteeism compassionate leave: absenteeism absenteeism (rate): abuse of absenteeism rates: abuse, abuse, abuse of social property: embezzlement of corporate funds breach of trust: abuse of trust abuse of power: abuse of position abuse of position of authority: abuse of power in Fuhrungspositionen: access to management notes (to) Annahme von Bestechungsgeldern: wine annahme der entlassung: approval of access to dismissal (zugang zu den akten) have access to files (to) access to dangerous areas: entry into the regulated areas zubehur sicherheit und rettung: security and emergency accessories unfall mit arbeitsausfallfall : accident accident lost route: accident on the way to work arbeits work accident: work accident, work accident / work accident, work accident mit t-dlichem Unfall: fatal accident agreement: agreement, regulation, agreement, understanding agreement at the glenern: amicable settlement agreement annektiert: bilateral bilateral agreement abkommen: bilateral agreement rahmen: collective agreement collective agreement contractual agreement vereinbarung local: shop floor agreement enterprise agreement: industry-wide branch agreement: industry: industry-wide substantive agreement: agreement basic principle: establishment vereinbarung agreement in principle: global factory agreement: comprehensive agreement: comprehensive agreement, comprehensive inter-professional agreement: interim multi-industry agreement: interim social agreement: social agreement grant: attribution (to) gew-hrung einer erh-hung: allocation of a wage increase (to) erwerben neue FĂ higkeiten : acquire/acquire new skills (to) erwerben know-how: acquire know-how (to be acquired): acquired of acquired social rights: act of illegal / illegal / illegal / illegal social rights: legal action: disciplinary action: internal disciplinary action ciplinary action: internal disciplinary action action: internal disciplinary action in court: legal action, Aktionar legal proceedings: employee shareholders: employee ownership / shareholding handels verbotene t-tigkeit: prohibited commercial activity verbotene aktiviet: prohibited activity aktivit, die nicht das kerngesch-ft: non-core business au-erschulaktiviten: extracurricular activities soziale aktiviten: social activities mitglied einer gewerkschaft: join a union (to) membership: membership, enrolment mitgliedschaft und treue zu values: loyalty to the values deputy assignment: appointment, allocation, allocation, allocation of resources: allocation of resources affiliation to social security: membership in social security mitgliedschaft in einer gewerkschaft : union affiliation non-konform assertions / unangemessen / falsch: alter representation nonprope (class of): age gruppe alter (limit d): age limit alter (gruppe d): age range Aktives Alter: age of work alter ruhestand: retirement / retirement age zeitagentur: agency agent of temporary staff: employee (public service) control officer: member of the staff agitator troublemaker agitation: unrest, protest, help for the first employment of young people: monthly allowance paid for 9 months to companies that offer a first fixed-term or unlimited contract to a person aged 16 to 26 helps employees with dependents: assistance to dependants mobility area: mobility zone not human resources: adjustment of the alcohol force : alcoholholism: benet, allowance, unemployment subsidy allowance: unemployment benefit umzugsbeihilfe: move/move/reisegeld resettlement allowance: schulgeld travel allowance: family school allowance: wohngeld family allowance: maternity housing allowance: maternity allowance for maternity allowance for people zu lasten: temporary disability care subsidy temporary allowance: temporary disability allowance vestimentar: clothing allowance snarky allusions: ambition of sexual innuendo: ambitious verbsserung of working conditions: improvement of working conditions of work: flexible hours, flexitime flexitime fine: fine amplitude: span amplitude of the trav day

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