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Form 8655 Authorization Agreement

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Tax filers have long played an important role in our country`s tax collection system as a link between employers and the IRS. Reporting agents improve the effectiveness of IRS perception and compliance. Reporting requirements help employers file required tax filings and tax information documents with the federal, national and local governments. Full instructions for Form 8655 can be found in the form itself. Below is some basic information about the parts of the IRS authorization form and how to submit it. This table of contents is a navigation tool that is processed from the titles in the text of the federal registry documents. This repetition of titles to internal navigation links has no substantive legal effect. Here you enter information about the company that will file returns and deposits on your behalf. You need the company name, one, address and contact person. When a company/RA is involved in a merger, acquisition or acquisition, the new entity/AR may require the service to determine whether new Forms 8655 are required. The RA can forward copies of the execution documents for the purchase or acquisition to the RAF function, which facilitates a decision by IRS counsel. Due to the complexity of these situations, decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Most organizational changes require the filing of new Forms 8655. While you give the registrant the authority to submit forms and file deposits, it is still your responsibility to ensure that everything is completed on time. The authorization agreement describes your responsibilities and ensures that you understand what you choose. You sign the form as part of the agreement. The withdrawal or revocation of a reporting agent authorisation does not affect the powers or tax information rights covered by the FCA. Receipt of a new Form 8655 revokes a prior authorization from the reporting organization as of the period indicated on the new Form 8655. If the authorisation provided for the receipt of IRS notifications, the previous RA will no longer receive copies of the notifications sent to the taxable person; However, they shall remain an approved reporting body and shall retain all previously granted disclosure powers from their initial periods until the start of the accreditation of the new reporting body, unless such prior authorisations have been expressly withdrawn or withdrawn. If you register for pay slip services containing the tax return, you will be asked to complete Form 8655. The company can only file or file your taxes after the form has been submitted.

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