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Jay Davani – MINT – fun and photography

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Just under a year ago our beautiful friend Jay Davani opened her own shop – MINT. Jay is the sort of person with a natural gravity; we were just drawn to her. She is self-motivated, hard working, and incredibly talented. Also, she seems to be out and about and having more fun than me too. Knowing her, she isn’t going to be psyched by my waxing poetic but ’tis what it ’tis.

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Jay gets a lot of press these days (and deservedly so). A couple of weeks ago she was photographed for Marie Claire. I think the Wall Street Journal stopped by late last year? I know I first met her when I was assigned to photograph her for Providence Monthly. If you want to know more about what she does you’ll have to stop over at MINT .

For the past year we’ve been capturing little moments here and there of her work. It’s a personal project and who knows when we will end up showing the images online. But, it’s been fun and because of the vintage (for lack of a better word) nature of her work we’ve allowed ourselves the freedom to capture across formats. From digital, to 35mm film, to medium format instant film. Sadly this beautiful film (Fujifilm 3000 B&W) is going away. It was discontinued last year (or two years ago?) and when it’s gone it’s gone. I wish I had thousand of boxes of it.

So, this photo is from last week. We dropped in unannounced and started snapping away. Ok, I guess I wasn’t truly snapping away as I only had ten pieces of film. But, it felt like we were snapping away. The white border is the border of the film print (it’s polaroid!… or Fujiroid!). Thanks Jay – I hope you have an even better and more exciting year this year.

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