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Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement 1944

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and Chenery, Hollis B., Arabian Oil: America`s Stake in the Middle East (Chapel Hill, 1949), 185-190.Google Scholar For a more detailed analysis of the negotiations and the agreement at its various stages, see “National Policy for Foreign Oil,” 193-205, 215-219, 258-261. Several studies have established that in the early 1920s, the United States was considering an agreement with Britain to ensure an open door for American companies, to compete with oil concessions in the Middle East: until recently, however, no one was able to find a copy. (2) In 2010, while doing a doctoral thesis on oil and grand strategy, I came across the only copy apparently obtained in the Central Decimal Files of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Record Group 59) of the National Archives and Records Administration II, College Park, Maryland. Heroy, Director of Foreign Production, to H L Wilkinson, British Petroleum Representative, 22 years old. January 1944, PAW, DA Office File, Middle East, RG253, NA. . . .

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