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Sliding Scale Contingency Fee Agreement

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Any fee agreement we sign with each client is based on a result method. Our fee agreement is designed to meet the specific needs of the client, the facts and circumstances of the case and which agreement motivates the lawyer and client to achieve the desired result. We offer a number of aggressive fee agreements, but each of them is based on rewarding the lawyer for achieving the client`s agreed goal, while giving the client control over how the case will be resolved. The importance of a pleasant working relationship with your lawyer should not be underestimated. The road to getting the legal services you`re looking for can be a long one, and it will take a lot of teamwork to get there. If you commit to finding an experienced lawyer you can work with under a clearly understandable written fee agreement, you`re well on your way to achieving the best possible outcome. Regarding the agreement in this case, which called for the 33-1/3% increase or the lawyer`s direct time costs, the court said the agreement initially asked for “possible compensation beyond the allowed limit.” The court explicitly referred to the hybrid nature of the agreement and stated that contingency fees or percentage fees are paid at the end of a case and only if there is recovery. Lawyers who work on an emergency expect them to be well paid when they spend time and effort, pay for their office expenses during the period their business is pending, and pay or pay the application fee normally paid by a client explained above. The client has the advantage of benefiting from the services of the “right lawyer” and, if the case is without or with less income than initially anticipated, the burden is borne by the lawyer and not by the client. It is not uncommon for lawyers to tell clients in fee agreements that the lawyer can resign at any time if the client refuses to cooperate, does not follow the lawyers` advice or if the continuation of this case is not economically viable. If such conditions are made available to you, make sure they are qualified to protect you from any inappropriate interference with your case and make sure you are properly informed so that you can hire another lawyer..

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