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What Is The Catholic Church`s Stance On Prenuptial Agreements

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For most couples, prenups are seen as a contradiction to the nature of Catholic marriage as a total, lasting and unconditional obligation, as they presuppose the dissolution of marriage. Therefore, the presence of a prenup calls into question the validity of the marriage. “I remember taking canon law in 1991 and I didn`t agree with that perspective, which is essentially a prenup. I`ve never really seen a prenup like this, any more than my boyfriend, a divorce lawyer, wrote it. It is not “presupposing an end” and may even prevent such an end, depending on its terms; but he simply concludes that I can never really know another person or their intentions, and if YOU have no/little intention of staying in a difficult marriage, I will not remain financially helpless because I was a bad judge on their character. A prenup is often signed because both parties believe that a divorce will never happen anyway. The Church encourages couples to marry with the graces of the Lord`s Supper and to trust in the Lord who will help the couple to be faithful to the vows they have made: to give themselves completely “every day of their lives.” In his blog “In the Light of the Law,” canonical lawyer Ed Peters makes some remarks about marriage contracts that Catholic clients might think of. As mentioned above, he emphasizes that the Catholic Church is not against divorce in all circumstances. Dr. Peters also explains that a marriage contract is a kind of contract. The morality of any contract, he continues, depends on its terms – and likewise, the morality (or immorality) of a marriage contract depends on what it says. .

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