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M&C – The Wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard – Stonington, CT

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We are starting 2017 with a bang. Last year was the best year that we have had by all the measures I can think of. If you follow us on instagram you will know that we had an early Christmas present this year with the birth of our son, Daniel (大). It has been so much fun to introduce him to the world (also more than his fair share of drama but I’m not going to dwell on it today).

Before we move forward I am taking a moment to look back at this year in pictures. I’m starting with a wedding. Michelle and Connor’s wedding in Stonington, CT at Saltwater Farm was incredibly beautiful. They were just so upbeat and happy that it really came through in the photos of the day. Also, I think they have some control over the weather because both their engagement and their wedding were idyllic (albeit a touch cold for the engagement).

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As often happens there are so many photos I want to post. So many moments and laughs and just beautiful scenes. But, let us just say that it was a party and many party things happened. From start to finish what a great day. Thanks guys!

We’re just getting started on catching up on last year. The reality of having this blog is that the less I am posting – the more it means we are out shooting. We had some serious adventures and experiences to share (the year of the Monkey by the way – our little guy is a Monkey).

Happy New Year – and let’s hope this year of the Rooster is even better than the last.


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